Timeless Wear is for those with a passion for fashion. We recirculate 90s and Y2k clothing to help create a circular fashion industry. 



Hey, I’m Amber. I created Timeless Wear in 2016 after going to a car boot with my dad and finding a few old adidas pieces I saw I could sell on Depop. I did it as a small extra bit of income to get me through university. I’ve always cared about the environment, though studying my degree constantly reminded me just how much we were destroying our planet. I always knew I wanted to do something about helping stop this, but was unsure how. Then I learnt about the huge impact the fashion industry had. I was shocked at how the fashion industry was the second-largest polluter in the world, greater than the aviation and shipping industry combined. More shockingly, people were being exploited, abused and poisoned as a result of us excessively buying brand new clothing.

 I never ever thought selling second-hand clothing would be my full-time job. It was only when I realised that Timeless Wear was a platform I was able to use to not only educate others but also promote sustainable shopping that I knew I had to at least give it a go. Our shop is just one of many that aims to transform the fashion industry into a circular one. I hope you find the cutest sh*t  on my shop but also take away that shopping with us is an ethical choice too! 

All our clothing is second-hand, deadstock or upcycled. We use carbon neutral, fully recyclable packaging made from sugar cane. We try to re-use any bubble wrap and packaging we receive from stock orders. Make sure to follow our Instagram, @timelesswear_, as we will regularly share ways you can make a difference such as signing petitions or making donations to places.