The 90s Leather Coat: Our item of the month

An item we’re really obsessing over atm is the iconic 90s sleek leather coat. With the 20th Anniversary of the matrix coming up no wonder it’s a piece to watch this season.

Why do we like it?

1. It’s a pretty timeless piece and we’re all about that. If you cop one there’s no doubt you’d be able to keep hold of it for a while as it’s a proper staple piece you can keep in your wardrobe.

2. They keep in amazing condition! You can find some online second hand that could be from the early 1990s and it’ll still be in great shape! Because of the leather material they’re able to stay in great condition much longer, reducing chances of holes or stains.

3. Goes with so many lewks! One way this coat goes well is with a proper cybergoth sort of vibe, perfect to pair of sketchers and a graphic mesh top, as pictured:

Or you could even go for a more sophisticated lewk with high waisted levi’s and a cute milkmaid top:

We’ve got quite a few stocked atm just because of how much we love this piece- so take a look on our shop in the coats section!

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