Sustainable Packaging 101

We wanna share with you one of the ways we are a sustainable business through the packaging we send out to u all! Because of Instagram and Depop there are so many of us running online shops, so not only will this post be useful to you all who buy from us, but we wanna show other shops that YOU can cut down your plastic and general waste from your shop by following these tips too!

1. Biodegradable, recycled mail bags

Last year in August 2018 we started to buy our mail bags off of Polybags. Not only is it affordable, but the specific bags we use are made from 100% recycled plastic- mad right!? As well as this they contain a biodegradable additive- so to avoid it sitting in a landfill from 20-1000 years the bags start to degrade after 1 year of production!

2. Recycled postage and return stickers

We were struggling for a while as we had the mail bags sorted but were unsure about the stickers we used to write our addresses out on. However after searching this summer we’ve found some printer friendly stickers made from 100% recycled paper! So now you know even the stickers we use on the bags are environmentally friendly.

3. Re-using

This might sound obvious, but most often items will come in a polyethene bag- whilst being made from plastic these bags can usually avoid being sent straight to the landfill by being re-used! If you don’t get one of our green polybag mail bags it’ll be a re-used one that we once received ourselves. Sometimes we purchase our stock online and this comes in standard packaging. We try and re-use every single piece of packaging that we receive- from tissue paper to bubble wrap! When you buy an item online and it comes in a bag you can re-use it too if you just open it carefully with scissors at the top, that way it can easily be taped up again to be re-used!

4. Recyclable business cards and extras in ur bags

Our next business card release will also be made from recycled paper! Sometimes we like to give you guys an extra something with your purchase, right now we’re crazing over 2000s top trump cards. These little extras we put in your orders will ALWAYS be second hand, upcycled things that we source for you. Don’t ever expect it to be anything newly made!

And that’s that. Expect more guides on how we make our shop sustainable in the future, because we wanna be 100% transparent about what we do in our business as its super important in order to be truly sustainable! We aren’t about green washing!

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